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Employment support

Seeking employment support

New migrants, international students, and other vulnerable groups that comprise our community often find it difficult to navigate the Australian job market.  Employment is essential for financial freedom but can mean other things to people as well: a symbol of independence, a way to feel productive, a way to connect with colleagues and increase social capital, or a crucial component in establishing a sense of routine and balance.

Seeking help

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A Victoria-based organisation to support jobseekers and connect them with employers


Provides resources to explore career pathways and  develop knowledge to help with career decision-making

Tailored employment solutions for individuals in Victoria and Tasmania, including people with medical conditions, disabilities, or injuries.

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Offering assistance and advice on employment rights through legal services.


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Provides case management services for parents preparing for employment. 

Eligibility: Must be 16 years old or over, have a youngest child between 9 months & 6 years old, and must have been unemployed for at least 6 months.

 Phone Number: 1800 113 233 

Email Address: 


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Supporting business startup through crowd funding, business enterprise centers, and business angels



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Offers support for unemployed young people and adults.

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A service to support women seeking employment, gain career experience, and get job ready.

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Offers Victorians aged 15 to 29 a career kick-start with traineeships in the Victorian Governmen

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An online resource providing advice for creating mentally healthy workplaces. Eligibility: Located in Australia. 

Phone Number: 03 9810 6100

 Email Address: 


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Offering support for young people in need of professional attire for job interviews. 

Dress for Success

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 Offering services and programs for young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Centre for Multicultural Youth

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​Offering a range of services for youth, including Centrelink services.

Services Australia

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