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Emergency relief

Emergency relief

Our community consists of a variety of vulnerable groups, including newly migrated individuals, young families, students, and people who do not speak English as a first language. This leaves them particularly susceptible to the struggles of navigating hardship in Victoria, cut off from their usual social support networks, and unable to find targeted information about emergency relief services.

Seeking help

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Provides emergency relief and support to those affected by disasters in Australia.


Provides various forms of assistance, including emergency relief, to individuals and families in need.


A website designed to connect individuals in crisis with the essential services , providing real-time information about nearby resources​

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Offers emergency relief, including food, clothing, and shelter, to those in need.

Offers emergency relief services for individuals facing crises or hardship in Victoria and Tasmania., including groceries, counseling, and financial aid.


 Your local councils can provide information on emergency relief services and resources in your region.​

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