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Elderly support

Key challenges for elderly citizens

Elderly people may need support in various situations, especially when they face challenges related to physical health, mental well-being, or social interaction. Some common situations that may require support include:​

Physical Health Challenges: Elderly individuals may need support when dealing with health issues such as chronic diseases, mobility issues, or age-related ailments.

Mental Health Concerns: Support is necessary when dealing with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or cognitive decline, which are common among the elderly population.

Social Isolation: Elderly individuals may require support to prevent social isolation, especially if they live alone or have limited opportunities for social interaction.

Financial Assistance: Some elderly people might require support in managing their finances or accessing resources to meet their daily needs.

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Elder abuse:

Elder abuse is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and support. It can take various forms, including physical, emotional, financial, or sexual abuse, as well as neglect or abandonment. Elder abuse can occur in both domestic and institutional settings, and it often goes unreported due to various factors, including fear, shame, or the dependency of the elderly person on the abuser.


Seeking help

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An organization dedicated to addressing elder abuse, providing a range of support resources, including an elder abuse toolkit.

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A digital portal designed to assess options for, and provide connections to a range of aged care information and services .


A portal for seniors in Victoria designed to support seniors with a variety of resources, information, and connections to services . 

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The Community Visitors Scheme aims to prevent social isolation among elderly people by organising regular visits from volunteers, and providing companionship and social interaction.

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This resource on the Better Health website provides information and support for older individuals who wish to continue living independently at home as they age.

Website: Better Health - Living at Home as You Get Older

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