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Project Maitri 

Project Maitri: a systemic approach to addressing family violence in South Asian Communities


Project Maitri is a dedicated initiative during 2023 - 24 striving for systemic change to better prevent, reduce and respond to family violence in South Asian communities in Victoria. Rooted in the essence of "Maitri," meaning friendship, our project is based on collaboration and cooperation.


Our goal is to bring about a transformative shift in the system, fostering a safer and more supportive environment. Project Maitri is not just a project; it's a commitment to systemic change, focusing on friendship, collective efforts, and cross-cultural understandings..


Why Project Maitri is Important:


  • Unique Challenges: South Asian communities deal with specific issues like forced marriages, intergenerational relationships, strong patriarchy,, and immigration-related threats, that requires a nuanced understanding. These issues need to be better understood by not only South Asian communities but also by FV providers so that they can respond in a culturally safe and sensitive manner..

  • Underreported Violence: Not enough data and underreporting make it hard to grasp the real extent of family violence in these communities.


Key Objectives:


  • Systemic Change: Lead transformative efforts to decrease family violence in South Asian communities.

  • Collaborative Learning: organize workshops and online Community of Practice (CoP) sessions to share insights and best practices for addressing family violence systemically.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Promote culturally sensitive responses to family violence, acknowledging unique challenges in South Asian communities.


 Project Maitri is a collective commitment to building a safer future, free of family violence

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