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Caring and supporting people of Indian origin in Victoria

Connecting and culturally responsive

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Our impact









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Who we are

IndianCare is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to address the welfare and wellbeing needs of people of South Asian origin living in Victoria.

Cultural displacement, lack of social capital and unfamiliar settings leave members of our community particularly vulnerable to hardship and loneliness.

At IndianCare, we specialise in connecting our community with service providers that can address these unique challenges in a socio-culturally sensitive way.


Our mission

At IndianCare we strive to:

  • Serve as a culturally sensitive connecting vehicle, facilitating access to existing service providers.

  • Collaborate with a network of organisations to support individuals of South Asian origin facing hardship,

  • Educate mainstream organisations on better meeting the needs of people of South Asian origin.

  • Advocate better outcomes, for people of South Asian origin, to all levels of government,


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Our services

At present IndianCare is involved in the following areas of work:

  • Our helpline: Information and referral services

  • Family violence: Project Ujala, primary prevention, and early intervention programs

  • Emergency relief: Supporting community members experiencing hardship

  • International students: Providing guidance to international students in Melbourne

  • Alcohol and other drug use (AOD) support: Western Local Drug Action Team (LDAT)


Partners and collaborators

About our logo

The IndianCare logo represents a synthesis of two cultures.

 The gum leaf and gum nut – representative of Australian values – are combined with the Indian tricolour representing courage, peace, and truth. These values are encircled in the ring of confidence, which IndianCare aims to provide.

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